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  • No single point of failure: the TSI design adheres to True Redundant Systems (TRS) principles. Every detail has been optimized to make the system fault-tolerant and to provide high availability. It's the ideal solution to preserve critical loads and assets.
  • Clean AC output with 95% efficiency: the voltage supplied to the critical load is pure sine regardless of the quality of the AC input. Any disturbance (harmonics, surges, glitches, etc.) from the grid is removed.
  • Full scalability: the TSI system is fully modular. The static switch can be re-sized as your capacity grows, and the AC back-up power can be incrementally increased as your load requirements evolve.
  • Efficiency and selectivity: TSI's Enhanced Power Conversion (EPC) mode isolates AC output from AC input with a double filtering function. A level of reliability comparable to conventional on-line mode is achieved, but with 1/3 the amount of losses. The TSI is also able to supply 10 times its nominal output current in case a downstream short-circuit occurs in the AC distribution.
  • Trouble-free AC and DC sources: the AC-to-AC conversion chain isolates the AC output from the AC input and features a double-filtering function.
  • Reduced transfer time: transfer time is extremely low when the load is transferred from one source to another.
  • Compact footprint: 20kVA are squeezed into only a 4U height.

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