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Console's Service Plan ranges from sizing consultancy before purchasing, all the way to maintenance of Power Systems during their usable life, which is often over a decade. After all, you would not expect your vehicle or manufacturing machinery to continually give you the same quality output, if you run for a decade without maintenance would you? The same applies to UPS and DC Systems. As years go by, the protection level will vary. Batteries will need changing.

The devices need periodical cleaning, to prevent overheating. Connections and Cabling need to be inspected. Where relevant, software upgrades have to be installed. That is why Console's Service Plan includes installation, commissioning, warranty services, customised after warranty maintenance programme with 24-hr round the clock engineering service. With over twenty years of engineering experience, wherever you operate from in Sri Lanka, you could depend on our high quality services.

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Console Electronics is committed to high & committed to provide high level of customer Service & consultative approach....

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